Saturday, May 1, 2010

Save the Frogs Day, April 30th 2010

Frog populations have been declining at an unexpected rate in the last few decades. Nearly one thirds of the worlds amphibians are threatened with extinction. Several species have already disappeared in the last few years.
It is now time for us to take serious steps to help conserve our Amphibians.Today being the Save the Frogs Day, lets us all decide to learn more about our little known amphibians and help in their conservation. Lets make every day a Save the Frogs Day.

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  1. Frogs being neither impressive for us to handle (like snakes) nor ubiquitous and prominent (like birds), large and prominent (like mammals) are ignored in the Indian natural history context. Thank you for highlighting this neglected taxon.

    All the best for your blog and keep posting.