Sunday, October 25, 2009

Herping in Waynad

Hill Keelback(Amphiesma monticola)
Philautus anili

Recently i had been on a trip to waynad in kerala.Several species of frogs were found.The rains had trigered the breeding of several frogs.There was an outburst of Fejervarya braviplamata & Hoplobatrachus tigerinus.Four malabar gliding frogs(Rachophorus malabaricus) were found. Two Ramanella montana were found with their tadpoles in a tank. Breeding activity of the golden frog(sylvirana auranticus) was observed.The newly described Philautus anili was also found.Two Icthyophis bedddoemi were found in leaf littter.Several Nictibatrachus sp & their tadpoles were seen on wet rocks near streams. Many reptiles such as the hump nosed pit viper, hill keelback & elliots calotes were also found.

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