Sunday, October 25, 2009

Importance of Sacred grooves

Recently i had been to a sacred groove in kannur, kerala to study its herpetofauna. Sacred grooves play an important role in the conservation of amphibians and reptiles. Sacred grooves are patches of forested areas which have a religious importance and hence is protected. These places are locally known as sarpa kavu due to the abundance of snakes. Though no snakes were sighted, their presence was obvious as a shed skin of a Spectacled cobra was found. An Elliot's forest lizard(Calotes ellioti) was also found on a tree. The amphibians found there were Fungoid frog(Hydrophylax malabaricus), Yellow tree frog(Polypedates pseudocruciger) and Philautus wynaadensis. Though it is not possible to understand the importance of sacred grooves, just by these sightings, It is very important to protect these few remaining habitats.

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  1. Your keen observations are definitely appreciable!! I hope they bring about the awareness of conservation of forests in every single human being on this earth!!Keep it up!!